Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Biztalk Binding Schema

In my Biztalk solution I have a need to check for the existence of configurations in certain ports. The unit test I created exports the binding from the Biztalk application then Bizunit applies Xpath to check for the existence of configurations. Before you do this though you need to supply a schema to Bizunit.

The schema for the Biztalk binding file can be generated by running the following in the visual studio command prompt:
xsd.exe “C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft BizTalk Server 2010\Microsoft.BizTalk.Deployment.dll” /type:BindingInfo
Now when you go to use it for validation you'll find it's unusable. Firstly the import at the top throws an error, then you'll find that the SendPipeline tag used in exported bindings are invalid. Something isn't right when a tag in real life use comes up as invalid.

To get a working schema I ended up using an exported binding and xml software to generate a schema based on the exported binding file.