Monday, 17 November 2014

Biztalk360 Default Web Site Install

I recently attempted to install Biztalk360 recently with some extra requirements.

  • No port 80, only https
  • Standalone
  • Using the default IIS web site

In doing so it appears that the required web services are hardcoded and point to the wrong location.

You can see the web site attempting to contact http://localhost/BizTalk360/Services.REST/AdminService.svc when in actual fact the service is running at https://localhost/Services.REST/AdminService.svc.

The issue is that the default web site isn't supported even though the installer allows you to delete the virtual directory parameter. So you'll need to use a virtual directory and the website will pickup the correct location of the relevant web services.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Missing Consume Adapter Service

In Visual Studio you may find that when you try to add generated items that it may be missing the option of Consume Adapter Service. In the installed templates menu at the left, there may be only 3 items shown.

Consume adapter option missing

To resolve this, grab the media for Biztalk server installation and go into Install Microsoft Biztalk Adapters.

Biztalk install screen

Uninstall all the items beginning from the last option on this screen. When completed, we will start the install again from step 1 working our way to the bottom. All the steps can be done using the typical install options, but step 1 will need to be customized. So when doing that setup, choose custom setup. In this screen install all options except for samples like so.

Custom options for Microsoft WCF LOB Adapter SDK

Continue the installation for the other steps using default options.

Now if you check Visual Studio, you should see Consume Adapter.

Consume Adapter Service